Caroline Bell 

Principal. B Comm, Dip FP, FPC, CFP

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Life is short and too important to spend time doing things you don't want to do.

I decided on a career in financial advice very early on, and have always known that I wanted to work with people in managing their money.

For me, building wealth gives financial freedom — the freedom to be able to do what you want, without financial constraints. Add to that my 'need' for creating order out of chaos and doing something where you can see tangible results, and financial advice is a perfect fit! 

As for why I decided to start my own practice, well, I like control. I also strongly believe that I  know what is best for my clients compared with a larger institution; often these bigger businesses put constraints around how clients can be advised and — very importantly to me — what should be invested in. Also, given I enjoy what I do, I have no plans to retire, so running my own business gives me the flexibility to indulge in my other passion: travel.

Technology has long been another strong interest, and I love how it can streamline our lives. Today's technology means I'm available to clients regardless of where I am at that moment.

In fact these days, many clients find it more convenient to meet via web conferencing, Skype or Google Hangouts - and that's regardless of where they are too. (Even if we're both in Melbourne at the same time, it saves the hassle of time stuck in the car and then trying to find a parking space). Another advantage of virtual meetings is that we can meet outside of 'normal' work hours.

All this lets me live the lifestyle I want (which is what I aim to help clients do!), while serving my clients in the best possible way.


One of the reasons that I run my own business is to provide flexibility to pursue my love of travel. Check out my Trip Advisor profile to see the places I've been.



Alex Perini

Director & Senior Adviser - CFP, MFP, B.Bus, ADFP, Dip FM

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I have been interested in the financial advice profession from a very young age. For me, the primary appeal was a combination of being able to educate and help people in a meaningful way, while also being able to follow my keen interest in understanding how different markets operate, and our unique, often irrational, behaviours with regards to money.

Achieving financial freedom is a cornerstone to opening more doors in life. When finances are controlled and managed correctly, it can have a profound impact on us, and the people we care about.

The reality is that money is a highly emotional subject, and it can be very difficult for people to make completely objective decisions about their own situation. Professional financial advice needs to centre on areas we can control — not those we can’t. It also needs to be completely independent and tailored to each individual’s circumstances. I believe it is imperative to focus on solutions that are transparent, clear and logical, to achieve our clients’ most important goals.

Aside from financial advice, my other passions in life include a host of sports, and, similar to Caroline, travelling the world. Some of my favourite places are: Spain, Mexico, Italy (although I also love the USA, all of Europe and South-East Asia).

Also similar to Caroline, I believe that technology gives us the ability to create efficiencies in our lives that were unavailable before. Many of our clients live busy lives, and being able to meet via web conferencing provides greater accessibility and flexibility in our working relationship. The ability to meet during working hours without the need to leave your own office, or to meet outside “normal” working hours — either way avoiding the hassles of driving and parking — I see as a really great additional benefit many of our clients prefer.

Using technology this way can be powerful, because it allows us to spend more time focused on areas that are meaningful to us, whether that be family, travel or pursuing our passions – things I feel very strongly about!

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Margaret Coulter

Client Service Administrator

I’m your first point of contact at Summerhill Financial Services.

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My job is to support Alex and Caroline in building your wealth, which sees me doing everything from filling in paperwork, safely storing your data electronically, improving efficiency and working with our business partners to maintain our software. It’s me you’ll hear from to chase up forms, signatures or whatever else is needed to make your goals happen.

I began my career at Summerhill Financial Services in 2008 and completed my Certificate III and Certificate IV in Business Administration soon after that. Since then I have focused my studies on areas of personal interest such as Auslan, Poetry and Nutrition.

One of the most important parts of my role is to keep you connected with Summerhill - no matter where we, or you, are in the world, so feel free to drop me an email, connect with me on LinkedIn or call on +61 3 9909 7702 if you have a question, want to check on something or need to talk to Alex or Caroline.