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I work with clients from all walks of life to understand what their personal and lifestyle goals mean to them and then create strategies to provide direction and clarity to help achieve these goals. My purpose is to increase our client’s financial wellbeing and provide them with confidence and peace of mind with their finances, so they can focus on what is important to them, such family, lifestyle and career.


Alex Perini - Summerhill Financial Services

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  • "Alex is an exceptional financial adviser, who brings integrity, kindness and honesty to his work. He is a clear communicator, who is able to distill the most complex ideas into digestible explanations. We trust Alex and his advice, and know that he will go and beyond to give us his full care and attention when we need him."
  • I have worked with Caroline over many years developing and managing my financial affairs to ensure I achieve my financial goals. She has given me the confidence to know I will have enough to live comfortably in retirement. Caroline has also ensured that I have adequate Insurance and Estate Plans in place. All products and needs are reviewed regularly and I trust that Caroline takes care of all of this for me; contacting me when necessary. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to family and friends and have on many occasions.
  • Caroline is an absolute professional - has depth of knowledge, advice is right on the mark, innovative and always available to discuss our financial needs. Caroline is a person of high integrity, coupled with a really friendly approach - I call that a WINNER all round.
  • Caroline Bell’s financial advice for over 10 years has been both rewarding and instructive - I have learnt a lot from Caroline. She communicates clearly in our meetings and also via email and video link. She has made our financial planning easy, understandable and achievable. Caroline has a relaxed but professional style and is genuinely pleased when we have met our financial goals. I have recommended Caroline to friends and they are also very happy with Caroline’s service and results.
  • Caroline has been my financial advisor for 9 years. I have come to know her as a person of integrity, and empathy. I have total trust in her. I am a single woman in my sixties. I need to manage the money I have wisely. Caroline has taken a weight off my shoulders.
  • Caroline has been an incredible resource of information, advice and management of my financial wealth. Caroline has always empowered me to make decisions under her guidance of market trends, her in-depth knowledge of global insights and years of experience.
  • For over 10 years, we’ve had complete trust in Caroline’s expertise to grow our assets and keep our long term interests at heart. She has an amazing ability to make investment strategy seem simple, and take the worry out of making your money work for you.
    Sean and Teresa
  • Caroline Bell has been providing me with financial advice for over 18 years.  I have always been impressed with her ability to not only identify my needs financially but to tailor her advice to suit my lifestyle needs
  • Caroline has continually impressed me with her broad knowledge of the financial world and she has relentlessly pursued her professional development; she is always aware of global trends and developments.
  • We have been clients of Caroline Bell and her team at Summerhill Financial Services for ten years.  We feel secure and confident in her financial knowledge, ethics, clear communication, and use of systems and technology. This, plus our investment returns, have meant an ongoing successful and enjoyable professional relationship.
    Fran and Maree
Planning for the future, means having the right investment strategy and the right level of contributions to meet your goals. Start today and watch it grow.
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